A Statement from Miriam Airington Fisher, June 2022

Two people at a demonstration, faces obscured one holding a sign that reads "We repeat what we don't repair"

June has been a difficult month to process with the news and legal changes. We are constantly bombarded with reports of racist violence, school shootings, and now attacks on civil rights. As a country we are still reeling from the humanitarian crisis of watching the government separate children from parents at the border, law enforcement murder people of color, and extremists try to overthrow the government. This past month, we've watched in horror as the Supreme Court takes away rights from women and anyone with a uterus, while explicitly threatening other hard-won rights like marriage equality.

For me personally, it does take an emotional toll. It's shocking to have rights that I've taken for granted my entire life taken away. I can only begin to imagine what it must feel like to be part of a community that is constantly physically brutalized - often with immunity - the way that people of color are in this country. I know these things deeply affect us at all different intersections of our identities.

Now, more than ever, we are committed to using the best of our abilities to stand up for what is right. Whatever is going on in the country, I know that we are on the right side of things.

I hope all our clients, friends, and followers find their community and build support networks that are on the right side of things, as well.

Should you ever need us here at Airington Law, we want everyone to know that we are committed to reproductive justice and will try our hardest to challenge the systems that disproportionately harm our Black, Brown, Disabled, and LGBTQ community members.

Remember to take care of yourselves, so we can all continue to care for each other.


Miriam Airington Fisher

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